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TRIMOVE S Super Alp Light

TRIMOVE S Super Alp LightMade in FranceAnkle strap Snowboard type, TWO micrometric buckles, WITHOUT padTRIMOVE S Super Alp Light Twin Tip Green/GreyTRIMOVE S Super Alp Light  Twin Tip Red/GreyTRIMOVE S Super Alp Light bottom view- Outstanding gripTRIMOVE S Super Alp Light  very easy adjust heel raising systemTRIMOVE S Super Alp Light  Rear tip hydrodynamicTRIMOVE S Super Alp Light  nicely integrated heel raising system  in OFF position


INNOVATION Winter 2016-2017

Morpho invents the twin tip snowshoes

Snowshoe with snowboard type ankle straps, TWO ratchet buckles, TWO notch straps, WITHOUT pad. Extra high climbing step.

Accepts all types of boots

Snow TRIMARAN 3D patented TRIMOVE S shape. 7% more floatation surface, outstanding traverse grip, Easy walk forward hull tip, rear hydrodynamic tip

Suited for Women and Kids

Very technical. Outstanding foot maintaining. No right foot, no left foot, users boot sizes adjustable without tools from smallest to biggest size; Ideal for Alpine slopes and All terrains.

Outstanding in powder snow

Ideal for RENTAL, groups

Very easy flip UP or DOWN of heel raising system with a pole tip

Walking backwards with snowshoes now possible thanks to Trimove S

  • Made in France


  • Technology : Trimove Shape
  • User weight : - 154 lb
  • Shop program : Rental & Sale
  • Terrain : Alpine slopes
  • Tip Height : 3.78in
  • Max. width : 8.03in
  • Length : 22.05in
  • Weight : 2.04lb per foot
  • Floatation surface : 2 x 155.78in2

Available(s) color(s)

Eco Green

Public price, VAT included: 139,90 €

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