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SUPER LUMIO LUMINESCENT- MMade in FranceLUMIO by MORPHO, remain visible, naturallyTRIMOVE, FLOATING on THE OCEAN of SNOWSUPER LUMIO M LUMINESCENT in the Dark- Ref:15MHRAQ3DA LUM GBSUPER LUMIO M LUMINESCENT under natural lightAnkle strap Snowboard type, TWO ratchet buckles, WITH padNotch strap numbered, 225mm, with anti release featureNotch strap numbered, 225mm.Climbing step Extra High, Easy adjust with ski pole tip/basketFont Knives easily removableSilent Kit, by noise absorptionLogo rubber tab puller, for boots sizes easy adjustBinding lock in rear position; Rotation of binding FreeBinding lock in front position; binding locked


INNOVATION Winter 2015-2016

For night trecks

LUMINESCENT Snowshoe with snowboard type ankle straps, TWO ratchet buckles, TWO notch straps, WITH pad. Extra high climbing step.

Accept all types of boots

2nd generation of snow TRIMARAN 3D patented TRIMOVE shape. 7% more floatation surface, outstanding morphologic traverse grip, Easy walk forward hull tip.

Very technical. Outstanding foot maintaining with ultimate comfort. No right foot, no left foot, users boot sizes adjustable without tools from smallest to biggest size; Ideal for Alpine slopes, all terrains.

Outstanding in powder snow

Ideal for RENTAL, Groups

Reassuring SHINE by dark night: remain visible, naturally

Natural Recharge in less than 10 minutes under any white light: Sun, Electrical, Ultra Violet

  • Luminescent
  • Made in France
User Instruction sheet


  • Technology : Trimove Shape
  • User weight : 132-212 lb
  • Shop program : Rental & Sale
  • Terrain : Alpine slopes
  • Tip Height : 3.70in
  • Max. width : 9.17in
  • Length : 24.96in
  • Weight : 2.37lb per foot
  • Floatation surface : 2 x 192.98in2
  • Luminescence : #Rare Earth# crystalline pigments

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Public price, VAT included: 179,90 €

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